【Academic Writing】Some tips: About Analysis Structure, Case Study, Problem Solving Logic

Academic Writing

  • Suitable topic. Don’t be too general, and don’t be too narrow. (which means no deep discussion or nothing to write)
  • Clear structure. Could use some sub-titles.
  • Academic language.E.g.use ‘high possibility’, instead of ‘certainly’, except public awareness concept, such as ‘Sun rise from east’or ‘The Earth is round’.
  • Don’t use ‘l, you’. If you want to say ‘my argument is Blablabla’, you could replace as ‘The author (of this article) argues Blablabla’.
  • Use academic resource as reference.DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA.
  • Paraphrase academic resource, use completely different structure with your own language, except specific words.

Academic resource

  • Journal articles
  • Government/Enterprise documents
  • Official Website/Blog/Podcast
  • News or report
  • Book (Academic one)

General Logic/Problem Solving Logic

  • Not only could use on writing, but also could use for general analysis
  • Need→Motivation
  • Situation Analysis-> Analyse situation before making decision
  • Objective -Measure is your purpose
  • Strategy -Measure the dimension of actions
  • Tactics -Specify actions to achieve strategy and objective

Analysis Logic

  • Need→Motivation→Objective
  • Analysis-> Analyse to achieve objective lead results
  • Discussion or Recommendation-> Provide basic solution or improvement/forecast/
  • discuss the reason behind the analysis

Analysis Logic Application Example:

  • Need :Failure poor Global performance of Geely due to misunderstanding multinational actions (past or current case)
  • Objective: provide an analysis to help them solve such problem
  • Analysis:Single situation analysis (SWOT);Related deep analysis (PESTLE analysis, or CSR analysis)
  • Discussion : Simple solution based on your analysis (Geely needs to focus on local political issue and social issue, but doing well with economic and technology measurement) Or critical for your analysis (social analysis might not accurate due to bias information, but still valuable in this case)


NOTE:Suggestion, no specific requirement

  • Personal Suggestion:1000-2000 Words Articles
  • Introduction (Background Objective); (100-300 Words)
  • Analysis (Apply Use concepts); (600-800 Words or even more)
  • Discussion; (300-500)
  • Words Conclusion. (100-300 Words)

Structure application Example

  • Introduction
    • Geely face financial difficulty recently, the company start to operate in Australian market. But current marketing report shows Geely have trouble with local business operation. The article would analysis the reason behind the trouble, and provide further discussion.
  • Analysis
    • Initially start with simple situation analysis (SWOT). Main analysis part could be PEST analysis, which could analysis from each attributes, such as failure to recognise local policy with foreign investment.
  • Discussion
    • Provide a simple improvement action for Geely, such as cooperate with local chamber to seek advice. Or discuss your limitation/critical your analysis
  • Conclusion
    • Summaries your analysis, and a little wishes for Geely by using your analysis.

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